CETEST has completed multiple weighting tests according to EN50215 and EN15654-2 all over the world.

The objective of this test is to obtain the necessary vertical static forces on each wheel of the vehicle for the calculation of the total mass of the vehicle. To do this, a portable weighing system will be installed on the track that allows measuring the vertical forces per axle when the vehicle is on the measuring device.

Weighting CETEST

The following evaluation tests are performed in accordance with the above standards:

  • Axle load

  • Relative wheel force deviation

  • Mean wheelset force of running gear

  • Vehicle weight measurement

  • Relative deviation of axle load inside running gear

  • Track gauge independent system

Weight measurement with a hand-portable system able to measure the vertical force load from each wheel of a railway vehicle on the rail according to the standards EN50215 and EN15654-2.