CETEST laboratory is accredited to perform a complete portfolio of stationary tests (wheel unloading, suspension flexibility (souplesse) / lean testing and bogie rotational resistance (X-factor)) as required by different standards, such as EN 14363, UIC 528 and US CFR 49, amongst others.

Stationary tests are required to evaluate the safety against derailment on rolling stock.

Having completed numerous projects worldwide, we have accumulated a good deal of experience in this area. Fully autonomous sets of portable rigs ready to be shipped to customer´s facilities and perform stationary tests with reduced lead times and avoiding costs for vehicle shipment. You do not need to move your vehicle, we bring our equipment to you! Anywhere, anytime.

These test benches have been specially designed for the proper execution of the following tests:

  • Wheel unloading.
  • Wheel equalization test.
  • Lean test (also known as roll coefficient, sway or souplesse test).
  • Truck rotational resistance and X factor determination.
  • Gauge verification.
  • Carbody torsional stiffness.
  • Centre of gravity verification (three axis).
  • Vehicle weighting.
  • Measurement of guiding forces on a flat curve of 150m radius.
You do not need to move your car, we bring our equipment to you! Anywhere, anytime.

The rigs can be adapted to any wheelbase and track gauge and then positioned according to the required configuration. The tests are fully computer controlled and all the parameters are monitored in real time. Hysteresis loops are recorded and included in the report as required in the standards. Multi-truck vehicles can also be tested!

We also cooperate with our clients to validate the multi-body theoretical model using the real results obtained in the tests. Based on our accumulated testing experience, we help our clients complete the correlation process successfully by providing guidance and suggestion when required.