CETEST is accredited to perform noise tests in accordance with ISO 3095, ISO 3381, TSI 1304/2014, UIC 651, EN 15892, EN 15153 and UIC 644, amongst others.

CETEST has accumulated considerable worldwide expertise in all measurements related to noise and acoustics in railway projects. These tests are required as part of the vehicle safety assessment.

State-of-the-art acoustics equipment (microphones, arrays, acquisition and post-processing software tools) enables CETEST to adapt to measurement requirements as specified in the corresponding international standards and provide advanced research capacities: interior and exterior noise, warning devices, sound intensity, speech intelligibility, etc.

What is more, CETEST also undertakes combined, complex developmental tests involving vibrations and acoustics or aerodynamics and acoustics.

Some examples of noise tests typically carried out by CETEST:
  • Interior driver’s cabin noise test and exterior with horn impact test. Attending to TSI 1302/2014, EN 15153-2 and EN 15892. If the cabin contains more than one set of complete driving controls, then tests must be carried out at each of these positions.The indoor noise tests while standing still and with the horn are carried out according to EN 15892. Outdoors it is measured according to the EN 15153-2 standard and the TSI 1302/2014 document. The tests are carried out with the different frequencies of the horn, working at the nominal pressure.
  • Interior noise test in the driver’s cabin and in dynamic. The noise levels inside the cabin are also measured while driving, and the measurements are made at the driver’s ear level.
  • The assessment of the rail roughness and the road attenuation rate are assessed according to ISO 3381 and ISO 3095. The procedure detailed in the EN 15610 standard is also applied to measure the rail roughness and the procedure indicated in the EN 15461 standard is used for path attenuation rate.
  • STIPA test. The levels of spoken intelligibility are measured according to the IEC 60268-16 standard and the TSI 1300/2014 document.
  • Tests for door opening, enabling and closing. Sound pressure levels due to door operations are evaluated according to TSI 1300/2014, EN 14752 and EN 17285.
  • Warning devices according to EN 15153-2, EN 15892, UIC 644.
  • Sound intensity and sound power according to ISO 9614, ISO 3744, ISO 3746.
  • Speech intelligibility according to IEC 60268-16, TSI 1300/2014.
  • Reverberation time according to ISO 3382-2, ISO 6926.
  • Sound insulation according to ISO 717.
  • Tests for the measurement and acoustic characterization of standalone equipment, such as:
    -Doors according to TSI 1300/2014, EN 14752.
    -Power convertors and inverters according to IEC 61287-1.

Thanks to our expertise, CETEST has been fortunate to participate in problem-solving projects and carrying out some nonstandard tests associated with noise problems.