The interaction between the vehicle pantograph and the OHL must be monitored in order to validate and homologate a new vehicle running on an existing infrastructure or to homologate a new infrastructure. This interaction has an effect on infrastructure maintenance costs. At CETEST we have developed a proprietary instrumentation system capable of accurately measuring contact forces and tested at speeds above 350 km/h.

The instrumentation can be used to perform current collection quality testing in accordance with EN 50367, TSI 1301/2014 and TSI 1302/2014.

The pantograph measurement system is calibrated on the special, purpose-designed CETEST test bench in compliance with EN 50317. Any type of pantograph can be calibrated at the required frequencies, working heights and forces.

The system can be adapted to perform measurements on any pantograph design and geometry and for either DC or AC overhead lines. Both wired and wireless versions are available.