Our expertise

CETEST works with car manufacturers, train operators, components suppliers and infrastructure managers, offering our test and analysis services. We help them in their systems certification as well as consultancy services for cause root identification and operational problem solving in the following areas:

[+] Structural integrity and fatigue resistance

Always at our core since the beginning, at Cetest we are leaders in the study of resistance and durability of structures and components with more than 40 years of experience in the area. We perform tests and evaluations in our test benches through controlled loading applications as well as field instrumentation and testing on systems under real operational conditions.
We combine this know-how with advanced NDT techniques to evaluate quality and material state throughout the tests.

[+] Measurement, signal processing and analysis

At Cetest we are experts in the measurement of physical variables through the use of the most suitable means and techniques for each application. We own and use a wide variety of state-of-the-art sensors and equipment in our daily test services.
Besides, we master advanced post processing techniques as required such as: time domain studies, frequency domain studies, statistical analysis, modal analysis, etc.

[+] EMC / EMI

Electromagnetic compatibility and immunity is the newest of our offerings but we already count with a team of experts in the subject and state-of-the-art test equipment and acquisition systems. We can analyze single components as well as full systems to check for compliance according to regulations and standards.
Cetest offers a global capacity deployment with full flexibility when it comes to field testing and evaluation of phenomena related to interaction with other systems.

[+] Mechatronics

A unique and differential capacity at Cetest is our know-how and experience in developing Mechatronics solutions: tailor-made control and measurement solutions merging mechanical design with electronic systems.
Remarkable examples are the solutions for the testing of systems through the use of servo hydraulic actuation with advanced control techniques.

[+] Noise and vibrations

We have the means and the know-how to analyze and provide solutions for any type of noise and/or vibrations measurement need on machines, components, structures, etc. We can perform tests at our facilities as well as field instrumentation.
At Cetest we are experts in noise and vibration data acquisition and post processing in order to evaluate resistance to vibrations, modal analysis, etc.

[+] Climatic

Cetest has a broad experience in the field of climatic analysis (ventilation or HVAC issues). And we also help in the analysis of aerodynamics phenomena related to train performance.