Test- Systems Engineer




Start date


To be agreed


We are looking for a highly motivated product engineer to participate in development projects and supply of high added value monitoring systems/test benches.

This includes among others the following tasks:

  • Definition of technical specification and HW/SW system architectures oriented to monitoring, measurement and test bench solutions.
  • Conceptual architecture design of the monitoring system and/or test bench. Detailed design of the mechatronic solution and form factor design of the final solution.
  • Integration of HW solutions (commercial or internal CETEST) in a designed solution: sensors, conditioning and control, signal acquisition, processing.
  • SW solution integration (commercial or internal CETEST)
  • Development and manufacturing monitoring of the solution. Management of incidents and non-conformities of the product. Identification of improvement points and execution of action plan.
  • Definition of validation specification and start-up of the system. Participation in validation activities and commissioning of the solution in a real environment.
Requirements and experience

  • Academic training:

Higher Industrial Engineer (specializing in Industrial Organization)(mechanical or electronic specialty), Automation and Electronics or Telecommunications.

  • Professional experience:

Necessary experience in HW/SW solutions oriented to monitoring and measurement. Experience in mechanical design tools.

  • Languages:

High English level (spoken and written). Fluency in other languages (French and/or German) will be an asset.

Appreciate competences

Technical Skills

      • Experience in the use of real-time targets and code compilation for embedded systems will be positively valued. Experience in Qt, Doors, Git, SVN, VeriStand and Linux operating systems.
      • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Jenkins and railway subsystems and/or physical systems (Labview) will be positively valued. Knowledge in architecture specification (HW and/or SW) for validation

General Skills

      • Technical concern.
      • Concern for improving technical knowledge and in general for continuous improvement.
      • Ability to structure and specify high level developments.
      • Preciseness and order.
      • Orientation to the achievement of results.
      • Responsibility.
      • Flexibility to adapt to a changing environment.
      • Teamwork skills.