In CETEST we have a broad experience in modal analysis. We perform different types of modal analysis:

Cetest: Modal analysis
Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)

In this type of analysis, a known excitation is applied to the studied component by means of an instrumented hammer, shakers or the relaxation of a known mass. This analysis is more appropriate for elements of reduced dimensions or with a low damping ratio. In CETEST, we have multiple shorts of excitations elements for application of the most appropriate excitation to the tested component.

Cetest: Modal analysis
Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)

The system is studied in normal operation conditions and it is assumed that the excitation received can be modeled as a white noise. This analysis is recommended for elements of big dimensions in which the ambient excitation is constant in the frequency range of study. This analysis permit the  study of elements which are impossible to study with conventional methods, such as wind power towers, bridges, etc.