At CETEST we offer a unique space and powerful capacities for the installation of modular test set-ups to accommodate any test configuration as demanded by our customers:

  • Main building: 120 x 30 m2 of open space under one roof.
  • Craning: 2 cranes of 50 Ton.
  • 3 universal isolated test bases of 16×8 m2, 8×8 m2 y 6×8 m2.
  • 1600 l/min hydraulic power for dynamic tests.
  • Wide variety of hydraulic actuators (from 15 kN to 2000 kN) and flexible investment capacity for new projects.
  • 16 control systems work stations.
Instrumentation & inspection

Up to 2000 simultaneous acquisition channels (extendible as requested by customer) with multiple data acquisition systems. Sensors include a wide variety of:

  • Strain gauges
  • Load cells
  • Accelerometers
  • Displacement sensors
  • Inclinometers
  • Pressure transducers
  • Temperature transducers
  • Thermography equipment
  • Microphones and arrays
  • Antennae
  • Pitot tubes
  • Ultra Sonic Anemometers
  • Current probes
  • RF probes
  • Torque transducers
  • etc

In house tailor made sensor design capabilities and expertise for specific customer needs. Advanced telemetry systems for wireless applications and demands. NDT inspection (visual, magnetic, ultrasonic) for crack growth and propagation analysis.

*Investment in extra instrumentation assured as required by project needs.